Exactly what does your staff do?
Our therapists ask our patients about their injuries before implementing a rehabilitation strategy, which usually is created from the use of therapeutic technique, modalities and postural corrections.

What modalities and treatment techniques does your staff use?
Which modalities are utilized in treating a patient depends greatly on the diagnosis in question, but exercise, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage, joint mobilization, heat and ice therapies may also be used. We also offer Blood Flow Restriction Therapy that is very successful for certain targeted muscular strengthening.

Do I need a physician referral to come to Summit Strength Physical Therapy?
Yes. For physical therapy services in the State of Missouri you need a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dentist or chiropractor to refer you to physical therapy.

Do I need a physician referral for strength and conditioning or personal training?
You should make sure your doctor feels it is safe for you to progress to more aggressive fitness activities.