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By Tami Williams, PTA

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Do you have or know someone with limb loss or limb difference? Do you want to speak up for yourself or speak out for others?


The Amputee Coalition

is launching an aggressive campaign, AMPLIFY, to encourage people with limb loss and limb difference as well as their allies, family and friends to advocate for the right to medically appropriate care. Many individuals face challenges in getting appropriate medical and prosthetic care paid for.  To write, learn more and take part in Limb Loss Awareness month people can go to AMPLIFYYOURSELF.ORG.

Summit Strength has been working with patients from pediatrics to older adults living with limb loss and limb difference to help them achieve their goals, improve function and regain their independence. Across the age spectrum the common battle for our patients is obtaining proper fitting prosthetics as their residual limb remodels, muscles strengthen and abilities change.


“Speaking up for yourself and speaking out for others is critical now more than ever. Access to appropriate care is vital to reaching your full potential,” said Jack Richmond , President and CEO of Amputee Coalition.  THE AMPLIFY  YOURSELF initiative and focus on Limb Loss Awareness Month will not only raise the volume on these issues but provide direct means to write to insurance companies and legislators.



Summit Strength Amputee Rehab team is proud of our patients who are creating new normals and redefining possibilities. We are committed to providing one on one comprehensive patient care by working closely with the entire rehab team including physicians, prosthetists and family members.


Be sure to join the Amputee Coalition on social at:
And join the conversation with their campaign hashtag, #AmplifyYourself