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Currently Missouri requires a physician’s referral to access physical therapy services. HB410 passed the House on March 14, 2019.

This is a link from verywellhealth that discusses some of the related issues:   Neighboring states Nebraska and Iowa have unrestricted patient access; Kansas and Arkansas have fewer restrictions than Missouri.


  • Go to Missouri Senate website to find your Missouri State Senator in Jefferson City. Then email/ call and ask them to SUPPORT HCS HB 410. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes – please be sure to add your home address so they know you are a constituent. SAMPLE EMAIL BELOW. You can also customize the email as you wish, but please explain that this bill simply allows patients easier access to PT services and it has nothing to do with ownership.

SAMPLE EMAIL: I live in your district and believe physical therapy is an excellent healthcare value. Please support HCS HB 410 that would improve patient access to physical therapy in MO.

Physical therapists working with patients can have a huge impact on wellness and reduce more costly care.  Currently patients must have a prescription, which can slow the process or even deter patients. Physical therapists are required to have doctorate degrees (or grandfathered with years of experience). Wellness achieved with less pain medication, and through strengthening and balance training, etc is cost effective to our healthcare.  We need your help!