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By Tom McCarthy, DPT

The notion of Perseverance strikes a particular chord with the people at Summit Strength Physical Therapy. Walter Elliot described Perseverance as “…not a long race but many short ones run one after the other.”  We see this day after day with the people who come to Summit Strength for physical therapy.  For some, getting the day started is a challenge but not only do they do that but they raise children, they go to work, go to school, participate in sports and any number of other things that make up their lives.  And after that, they come in for therapy to make doing those things better, easier.  The determination our patients show day after day moves the staff at Summit Strength to persevere as well as we strive to provide unmatched creativity and care as we develop treatment plans for our patients. We have also been motivated to resist the trend of high patient volume in physical therapy that has become prevalent in recent years.  For the last 16 years, the clinicians at Summit Strength have continued to work with each patient solely on a one to one basis so they most effectively help them through what is often a very challenging process.


P ush through the challenges

E xpect success

R ely on us to help you through

S how your resolve

E ach day is a new chance

V ictory

E veryone works together

R each deep to move forward

A lways answer the bell

N ever quit

C reate a better life

E xperience the difference at SSPT



“Hi, my name is Tiffany McCarthy and I go to Summit Strength Physical Therapy in Lee’s Summit.  I’ve worked with Scott Knoche since I was three.  I didn’t like him at first because he made me work hard!  The therapists at Summit Strength are knowledgeable, compassionate, enthusiastic and diligent in their therapies and truly care about your needs.  I am proud to call them my therapists and my friends.”