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  •  Begin the day with Courage
  • End the day with Gratefulness
  • And do the right things for the right reasons throughout the day.

    Carey Casey,

    Carey Casey speaks at Mayor’s Breakfast

Lee’s Summit Cares 

works to build a strong community to nurture children and teens, and us grown-ups as well.  This group promotes 12 key traits, including perseverance challenging each of us to lives of integrity, cooperation, honesty, appreciation, sportsmanship, citizenship, family, respect, responsibility, self-control and kindness.  On January 26 Mayor Randy Rhoads and about 600 supporters joined for breakfast with Carey Casey inspiring the group with a keynote speech.  He spoke about our value to the community; but also what great value being part of the community brings back to us individually.


Lee’s Summit Cares Perseverance Bouquet

We see these amazing traits in our patients and our staff every day at Summit Strength.  One patient recovering from back surgery pondered how individuals make a choice to look back at the best or the worst moments of each day, and be happy or discouraged in almost any circumstance.  That choice remains to us alone.

Another in the extended medical community family was hit by a vehicle in January, unexpectedly going from physically vibrant to an uncertain road to recovery.  He is surrounded by family and friends who lean on God through the difficult days, confident strength unknown will carry him through.

Often the first ‘move’ of the day takes the greatest mental push.  Tenacity in seeking the goal each day brings us closer.
We took the 2017 opportunity to choose ‘Perseverance’ as the term we sponsor through Lee’s Summit Cares.  No one looks forward to times when not as strong as one planned.  We took this flower arrangement to the medical professional, but we honor each person persevering through a difficult trial.  You inspire us every day.