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Summit Strength PT is now home to one of the only REPEX tables in the KC Metro Area.  The REPEX is a therapy treatment table created specifically for the management of mechanical disorders of the lumbar spine.  Often those suffering from easily irritable low back pain and/or radiating symptoms can experience pain with even the smallest of active movements of the spine or surrounding joints/tissues.  This is due to increased sensitivity of both the local and central nervous system to “protect” against perceived threat.  In most cases, this does not equate to structural or tissue damage.  However, this sensitivity can make it difficult for a patient to initiate and tolerate movement-based approaches to treating back pain.  Insert REPEX.  Once directional preference is appropriately established, the REPEX can allow the patient to achieve numerous reps of a desired movement in a relaxed and non-threatening way to the patient’s nervous system.  Directional preference is defined as “the clinical phenomenon where a specific direction of repeated movement and/or sustained position results in clinically relevant improvement in either symptoms and/or mechanics.” (MDT definition via the Mckenzie Institute)

Treating with the REPEX™ is based on the patient’s directional movement preference (established via sound and thorough mechanical assessment) and provides measurable and positive outcomes particularly in the management of acute/chronic low back and leg pain patients. The REPEX™ takes the patient through repetitive and adjustable passive-range-of-motion movements of flexion and/or extension.

**Approved by Robin Mckenzie for applying the Mckenzie Method**

More information from Hill Laboratories.